Children’s Respite Worker

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A Private Employer is hiring a Children’s Respite Worker! For more information about this LEAP job posting, check out the details below!

Role: You will develop a genuine relationship with a fantastic 6 year old. This child loves the water, is learning number, letter and colors, and enjoys time on the trampoline. This child has recently been diagnosed with autism, and a global developmental delay. You will spend your time by participating in various summer activities which could involve playing on the trampoline, engaging with preferred items such as art supplies, games that involve water and possibly supporting this child at a summer day camp. When possible you will help this child engage with those in the community.

Employer Name: Private Employer
City: Kenora
Province: ON
Application Deadline: June 21st, 2021
Hours of Work: 9 hours per week (July/August), More Hours available if starting in June. Hours could change depending upon admittance into a summer camp program
Job Type: Summer
Wages: $15-$25

Duties of this LEAP Job Posting:
  • Engage this child in playful back and forth activities, that involve physical exercise and meaningful interaction.
  • Help this child transition to different activities in the day by giving one to two step verbal cues as well as visual cues, providing preferred activity and sensory breaks.
  • To the child have a consistent and successful toileting routine.
  • Learn to communicate with the use of simple language, visual/body language expressiveness as well as encourage the use of a core word board.
  • This position may include supporting this child’s involvement in a summer day camp, by helping him to take part in the activities offered and engage with those around him.
  • If you’re the right person for this job you will love spending time with kids and will have an interest and knowledge around interacting with people who have autism and/or developmental
Qualifications for this LEAP Job Posting:
  • Knowledge and understanding of autism and developmental disabilities. Please show proof of
    completion for any workshops, trainings or courses taken.
  • Must be a creative problem solver with a positive outlook and persistent attitude
  • Have the ability to use simple language or one step directions. Be able to use transitional activities such as body breaks, or sensory activities throughout the day and be fluent in several
    calming strategies.
  • The family would like all candidates to take part in training offered by Firefly for respite worker certification.
  • Any schooling in Early Childhood Education could be an asset
  • Any CPR or First Aid training could also be an asset.
How To Apply to this LEAP Job Posting:

We are looking forward to having you be a part of our warm and caring family this summer while we all look for ways to help our child enjoy their summer and engage with those around them.

We are always excited to find new people for our child to interact with and equally as excited to find new ways for our child to communicate and interact with others. If you love to be creative around relationship building, this is the summer job for you!

If interested please contact Nirmala at
Thank You!

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