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The Zig Zag Yacht Club is hiring a Club Director! For more information about this LEAP job posting, check out the details below!

Employer Name: Zig Zag Yacht Club
City: Clearwater Bay
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: P9N 3W9
Application Deadline: March 1, 2022
Hours of Work: 40 hrs/week in the summer, 1—20 hrs/week off-season
Job Type: Various Hours
Wages: $25,000 - $35, 000/year

Duties of this LEAP Job Posting:

ZZYC is a seasonal community hub, offering events and programming to the Clearwater Bay community. We are seeking a Club Director, who is the key employee of the club. They are ultimately responsible for the club’s operations, overseeing it’s seasonal staff, and liaising with the Board of Directors. Specific duties are as follows:

  • Planning, Summer Preparation, & Responsibilities to the Board of Directors
    • Bring innovative ideas to growing membership, programming, and events.
    • Report to the Board on your activities, issues, finances, and opportunities.
    • Adhere to all Board set policies, procedures, and priorities.
    • Play an active role in Board Meetings and AGM.
    • Ensure the Club operates profitably and continues to be sustainable.
    • Build summer calendar of events/programs.
    • Recruit and Hire staff for summer operations.
    • Contract services for summer operations, facility repairs and improvements.
    • Identify the need-for and recruit volunteers.

Summer Operations
• Oversee all day-to-day operations of the Club during the Summer months.
• Manage all programs and events.
• Manage and evaluate all employees of the Club.
• Co-ordinate volunteers.
• Identify and manage all repairs and improvements to the Club’s facilities.
• Take an active roll in fundraising activities.
• Manage and administer the Fire Safety protocol.
• Ensure the safety of all people.
• Ensure alcohol is well managed and all AGCO regulations are followed.
• Ensure the Club facilities are clean, tidy, and well maintained.
• Pay all expenses via cheque, e-transfer, or corporate credit card.
• Collect monies owed to the Club and Deposit all cheques/cash received.
• Submit all financial transactions to the external bookkeeper with sufficient information.
• Ensure staff correctly enters work hours for payroll.
• Administer registrations for programs and events.

• Manage and administer the, ensuring the site is current and relevant.
• Ensure all in-bound communications are handled.
• Manage Club communications including the e-newsletter (Zephyr) and social media.

Qualifications for this LEAP Job Posting:

Assets include experience with business management, staff supervision, recreational programs. Schedule may be suitable for an individual who seeks a lighter, flexible work schedule in the colder months. Good candidate would be educators or students studying recreation/business/education, stay-at-home parents, or as a semi-retirement option for hopeful snowbirds. We are looking for a minimum of a 2-year commitment

How To Apply to this LEAP Job Posting:

Send a resume to David Reid
ZZYC Board Chair

Advertising Method: General Ad