First Cook

Yataw/Outland Camps is looking for a First Cook I Sioux Lookout!

Employer Name: Yataw/Outland
Location/Address: Sioux Lookout, On.
Application Deadline: February 27, 2020
Hours of Work: Varous
Job Type: Various Hours
Wages: TBD

Duties of this LEAP Job Posting:

The First Cook is responsible for the proper and timely preparation of meals including, but not limited to, food service, food safety and supervision of kitchen staff.
Key Responsibilities:
• Coordinate and be responsible for the handling, preparation, production, and timely service of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in accordance with approved methods and standards.
• Ensure all meals prepared according to client scheduling and within the menu plan and budget guidelines.
• Prepare meals as per menu plan provided. Ensure adequate quantities of the menu choices are prepared as per the menu plan, and follow all production quotas set.
• Ensure food is prepared as close to consumption time as possible. Supervise all portioning to meals on serving line to ensure all clients are receiving amounts specified.
• Coordinate all kitchen staff involved in the preparation and serving of meals. The number of employees under supervision is dependent upon the particular Outland facility assigned, and fluctuates to match business needs.
• Ensure proper storage and rotation of all food supplies.
• Prepare and send food orders.

Qualifications for this LEAP Job Posting:

• Applicants must have a current Food Safe certificate.
• Applicants must have a current Level 1 First Aid certificate.
• Large scale camp cooking experience is an asset.
• Red Seal or other certifications is an Asset.
• Experience in accurately producing weekly inventories.
• High standards in maintaining a clean and organized Kitchen.

Physical Demands:
First Cooks are required to perform a variety of physical duties, including:
• Lift, carry, push, or pull up to 50 lbs.
• Climb ladders or stairs.
• Stand, walk, squat, kneel or sit according to task for extended lengths of time.
• Perform repetitive hand work requiring full use of both hands.
• Perform work with arms at full length.
• Work with arms above shoulder height.

How To Apply to this LEAP Job Posting:

Please submit a resume to and indicate job title in email subject.

Advertising Method: General Ad