Light Duty Cleaner

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A Private Employer is hiring a Light Duty Cleaner! For more information about this LEAP job posting, check out the details below!

Employer Name: Fred Wolfstar
City: Kenora
Province: ON
Postal Code: P9N 1M1
Application Deadline: October 3, 2022
Phone: (807) 464-6564
Hours of Work: 20hrs
Job Type: Odd Job
Wages: $20.00/hr

Duties of this LEAP Job Posting:
  • Dusting / Light cleaning with Windex and Lysol (cleaning products provided)
  • Touch-up of walls and molding
  • Cleaning gloves and eye protection can be provided if needed
Qualifications for this LEAP Job Posting:
  • Capable of doing a lot of standing and getting down on hands and knees to clean
  • Able to confidently use and climb an 8ft Ladder
  • Transportation may be available upon request
How To Apply to this LEAP Job Posting:

Email Fred at or call (807) 464-6564


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