Property Manager/Maintenance Coordinator

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Luther Village Camp is hiring a Property Manager/Maintenance Coordinator! For more information about this LEAP job posting, check out the details below!

Employer Name: Luther Village Camp
City: Luther Village Road, 30 minutes south east of Kenora on Highway 71
Province: ON
Application Deadline: July 2nd, 2021
Job Type: Seasonal
Wages: TBD

Duties of this LEAP Job Posting:
  • The Property Manager’s duties are specifically related to the grounds/property of Luther Village. The successful candidate will be responsible for the supervision/management of maintenance crew, maintenance of equipment, vehicles, facilities, infrastructure, and property.
  • The Property Manager is directly responsible to the Executive Director. The Maintenance Staff/Volunteers report to the Property Manager.
  • The Property Manager/Maintenance Coordinator is a senior staff leadership position and supervises the maintenance crew. They are directly involved in the maintenance of vehicles, equipment, facilities, infrastructure and property. Tasks will include: Supervising/training the maintenance crew, daily upkeep of the camp, facility maintenance such as electrical, plumbing, and mechanical needs where possible.
  • Candidates interested in the position must have skills and experience in facility care and general maintenance. Have a working knowledge of plumbing, electrical, water and septic systems and experience supervising staff and volunteers.
  • Oversees facility maintenance such as electrical, plumbing and mechanical needs ensuring that the facility, equipment and vehicles are safely and properly maintained and upgraded.
  • Working within a given budget.
  • Maintain grounds to present an inviting well-kept facility for all who attend Luther Village, including daily upkeep of the camp (eg. garbage, cleaning, grounds, repairs, etc.).
  • Develop an inventory of property, vehicles, equipment, machinery and facilities. Sets priorities, provides reports and recommendations on camp property/operations.
  • Train and supervise maintenance staff to assist with duties. Coordinate volunteers to be effective in working on ongoing projects.
  • In cooperation with the Executive Director, holds regular staff meetings so as to maintain a team effort and to coordinate the efficient operation of the camp. Regular meetings with the other heads of departments to prioritize needs and prepare work schedules as required.
  • Together with the Executive Director, trains and coordinates staff so that quality service and safety are achieved. Including: fire drills, first aid, WHIMIS, workplace/camper safety.
  • Seeks out ways to decrease our environmental impact and makes a concerted effort towards stewardship of creation.
  • Ensure compliance with the Manitoba Camping Association, Ontario Health and Safety Regulations and Luther Village’s policies, standards and procedures.
  • Recognizes that duties often require flexible working hours for the successful operation of the Camp. Expectations are that the Property Manager will participate in the camp community and provide a strong presence in activities.
  • As the property can fall into emergency situations, someone on maintenance must be accessible to communication 24 hours/day. (Ensure a maintenance staff or designate will be responsible {in charge} when the Property Manager is on a day-off).
  • Other duties as assigned.
  • Luther Village operates from mid-April to mid-October on site at camp on Dogtooth Lake near Kenora Ontario.
Qualifications for this LEAP Job Posting:
  • Must have skills and experience in construction, a working knowledge of plumbing, electrical, water and septic systems. Experience in troubleshooting, facility care and general maintenance is required.
  • Attention to detail and desire to exceed high expectations in maintaining and improving the facilities and grounds of Luther Village.
  • Must have clear communication skills and be able to direct, and supervise maintenance staff/volunteers and be able to work well with contractors and trades.
  • An understanding of the mission and vision of Luther Village and of Lutheran theology
How To Apply to this LEAP Job Posting:

Visit for the full job description

To send resumes and cover letters contact:

Caroline Wintoniw, Executive Director —

Luther Village Camp

560 Arlington Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3G 1Z5

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